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5384933   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Magnetic Dry-Erase 10-Frame Answer Boards, Pre-K, Set Of 4 Boards
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Equation Building - 104 Pieces - 4 / Set
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6416999   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Math Manipulative 2-Color Counters, Red/Yellow, Pre-K, Set Of 200 Counters
Skill Learning: Counting, Sorting, Probability, Mathematics - 200 Pieces - 200 / Set
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7704624   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Base 10 Block Set, Yellow/Green/Blue, Pre-K, Set Of 125 Pieces
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Manipulative Skill, Place Value, Number, Operation, Measurement, Counting - 125 Pieces - 125 / Set
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7986310   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Foam Dice, Assorted Colors, Pre-K, Pack Of 24 Dice
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Counting, Addition, Probability - 24 Pieces - 24 / Pack
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8466864   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Magnetic Fraction Circles, Assorted Colors, Pre-K, Set Of 51 Circles
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Manipulative Skill, Fraction, Counting, Equation Building - 51 Pieces - 51 / Set
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6451817   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Math Manipulative Kit, Pre-K - Grade 5
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Manipulative Skill - 1 Each
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6830995   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Math Manipulative Bear Counters, Pre-K, Assorted Colors
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Color Identification, Manipulative Skill, Counting, Organizational Skill - 102 Pieces
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7592705   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Connecting Blocks, Assorted Colors, Pre-K, Set Of 100 Blocks
Skill Learning: Mathematics, Counting, Comparison, Patterning, Sorting, Manipulative Skill - 100 Pieces - 100 / Set
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7417487   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand 1" Geometric Solids, Assorted Colors, Pre-K, Set Of 40 Pieces
Skill Learning: Analysis, Comparison, Geometric Shape, Shape, Size Differentiation - 40 Pieces - 40 / Set
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7026970   Office Depot
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Office Depot® Brand Place Value Discs, Pre-K, Assorted Colors, 25 Discs Per Set, Pack Of 10 Sets
Skill Learning: Place Value, Manipulative Skill, Senses, Number, Mathematics, Visual, Addition, Subtraction - 250 Pieces - 10 / Pack
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1378972   Office Depot
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Office Depot Map Pins, Assorted, Box Of 100
0.38" Shank - for Corkboard, Maps - Round Head, Sharp Point - 100 / Box - Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Red
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PAC59530   Pacon Corporation
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Spectra Art Tissue Deluxe Bleeding Art Tissue
Art Project, Craft Project - 18"Height x 12"Width x 0.10"Length - 100 / Pack - Assorted
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  • Versatile, high-quality bleeding art tissue
  • Wet with a brush and wash beautiful, translucent color onto the paper
  • Strong enough to withstand cutting, crinkling and folding
UPSOK Recycled
EPIX3001   Elmer's Products, Inc
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X-Acto Aluminum Handle No. 1 Knife with Cap
Aluminum - Silver - 1 Each
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  • Designed for precision cutting of lightweight material such as plastic, paper, balsa, cloth and more
  • Features an aluminum handle with a textured grip area
  • Safety cap included
CYO521617   Crayola, LLC
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Crayola Construction Paper Classpack Crayons
Classroom - 400 / Box - Multicolor
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  • Allows creativity on all types of paper including craft paper, paper bags, cardboard, light and dark colored construction paper
  • Opaque, bright colors provide complete, brilliant coverage
  • Packed in a sturdy, compartmentalized, convenient and economical Classpack
UPSOK FileAvailable
LRN5080   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Money Set
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Money, Counting, Coin - 36 Pieces - 5+ - 1 / Set
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  • Realistic designs help teach students about various bills and coins
  • Strong magnets stick to magnetic surfaces for hands-on, engaging lessons
  • Perfect for teaching coin identification, counting, making change and more
LRNLER6645   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Magnetic 10-frame Answer Boards
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Mathematics, Counting, Operation - 4-7 Year - Red, Yellow
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  • Magnetic design allows quick, simple way to display answers
  • Hands-on experience keeps students engaged to ensure lessons are retained
  • Perfect for developing counting skills, base 10 and more
HYX53510   Hygloss Products, Inc
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Hygloss Bright Study Buddies Flash Cards
100 Sheets - Ring - 2" x 3" - Assorted Paper - Punched, Sturdy, Tear Resistant, Bend Resistant - 100 / Pack
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  • Book ring keeps items together to prevent misplacing cards
  • Assorted colors provide plenty of personality to keep children entertained
  • Sturdy construction resists tears and bends for long-lasting use
TEPT23006   Trend enterprises, Inc
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Trend Multiplication Pocket Flash Cards
Educational - 56 / Box
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  • Ideal for reinforcing basic multiplication skills at home or school
  • Rounded corners for quick sorting
  • Includes activity ideas to challenge growing skill levels
PAC72020   Pacon Corporation
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Creativity Street Kraft Bag
Art Project, Craft Project, Bag, Hat - 11"Height x 6"Width - 100 / Pack - White - Kraft
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  • Flat bottom with side gussets
  • Made from high-quality, brightly colored, uncoated kraft paper
  • Accepts all types of media: crayons, pens, paints and rubber stamps
UPSOK Recycled FileAvailable
LRNLER6965   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Minute Math Electronic Flash Card
Skill Learning: Equation Solving, Visual Processing, Audio Feedback, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Number, Mathematics, Algebra, Color, ...
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  • Helps children build number fact fluency in just a minute
  • Encourages practice of operations and early algebraic skills
  • Speakers and screen provide both visual and auditory corrective feedback
LRNLER6644   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Ten-frame Set
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Visual, Addition, Subtraction, Number, Operation, Counting, Algebra, Cardinality - 5+ - 45 / Set
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  • Lets you easily demonstrate number concepts on whiteboard
  • Colorful disks allow students and teachers to visually engage as a group
  • Includes magnetic frames, discs and instruction guide
GEMMTA   Advantus Corp
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Gem Office Products Round Head Map Tacks
0.18" Head - 0.4" Length - 100 / Box - Assorted
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  • Sharp, pointed tip secures firmly in place to prevent detaching
  • Assorted colors allow you to color-code areas for quick reference
  • 3/16" head diameter provides easy grip for simple relocation
AVT97644   Advantus Corp
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Advantus Laminated World Wall Map
50" Width x 32" Height - Assorted - Laminated
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  • An invaluable reference tool for classroom, office or home
  • Highlights major cities, roads and rivers as well as country borders
  • Shows country names, U.S. states, Canadian provinces and lakes
LRNLER1616   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Fraction, Percent, Equivalence, Mathematics - 6-9 Year - 6 / Set
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  • Helps demonstrate fractions, percentages and equivalencies on whiteboards
  • Also teaches relationships between concepts of fractions and percentages
  • Color-coded design matches Learning Resources Rainbow Fraction items
EII2351   Educational Insights
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Hot Dots Jr. Alphabet Card Set
3-6 Year AgeAccessory For Learning Toy - 36 / Set - Multi
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  • Alphabet-themed cards offer fun, creative way to prepare children for success
  • Interactive experience helps keep students engaged throughout activities
  • For use with Hot Dots Jr. Ace the Talking, Teaching Dog (sold separately)
LRN8555   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Letter Construction Activity Set
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Letter Recognition, Alphabet, Mathematics, Uppercase Letters, Lowercase Letters - 3+ - 1 / Set
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  • Color-coded pieces allow children to quickly build letters they see
  • Pieces easily snap together to build both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Set includes letter pieces, activity cards and activity guide
LRNLER1100   Learning Resources
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Learning Resources Hip Hoppin' Hundred Mat Floor Game
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Number, Counting, Pattern Matching, Place Value, Problem Solving
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  • Reinforces hundreds concepts, counting, number patterns and more
  • Double-sided, color-coded number frames help focus attention
  • Inflatable cubes can be used to play fun, interactive games
SHL50923   Shell Education
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Shell Education 180 Days of Reading Grade 2 Book Printed/Electronic Book by Christine Dugan, M.A.Ed.
Shell Educational Publishing Publication - CD-ROM, Book - Grade 2
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  • Daily practice activities build and gauge students' reading comprehension
  • Quick, diagnostic-based activities
  • Teacher Resource CD features assessment analysis resources
SPSShipLT UPSOK NonReturnable
LRNLER2629   Learning Resources
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Pretend & Play Pretend Calculator/Cash Register
Theme/Subject: Learning - Skill Learning: Imagination, Money, Mathematics - 3-8 Year
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  • Built-in calculator helps students with adding, subtracting and more
  • Interactive design encourages beginning math and calculator skills
  • Life-size money helps students learn currency denomination
TCR2088201   Teacher Created Resources
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Teacher Created Resources 3-9 STEM Paper Circuits Kit
Project, Student, Education, Craft - 4"Height x 11"Width x 13.50"Length - 1 / Kit - Multi
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  • Assorted supplies offer essential tools for hands-on projects
  • Educational design promotes creative exploration
  • Includes paper circuits, clothespins, wooden slats and more

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